Monday, August 22, 2016

Final Report

Hello everyone,

As the GSoC come to an end, I would like to sum up what I have done for the past 4 months. For my GSoC project, I have been working on the Interconvertible Layout program for CellDesigner. This project implements a converter that turns CellDesigner annotation into SBML Layout package and vice versa, preserving the biochemical network layouts when handling the model in different softwares.

Here is a link to this project's repository.

For my last result, I will present the conversion of influenza model (Matsuoka,Y. BMC systems biology 7.1 (2013): 1.) and Core metabolism model of E.coli ( converted with EscherConverter.

CellDesigner to SBML Layout

Influenza model original

Influenza model converted

SBML Layout to CellDesigner

E.coli model original

E.coli model converted

Finally, I would like to thank Google Summer of Code, NRNB, and SBML team for giving me this opportunity and my mentors Dr. Dräger and Dr. Funahashi for their support.

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