Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hi everyone,

Last week,  I have successfully converted the compartment and species from CellDesigner annotation to SBML Layout.  Since then, I have been working on converting the reaction. So far, I have partial completed converting reaction.

For now, I have completed conversions reactions with straight lines and heterodimer association, dissociation. and truncation. Below are some of the models I have successfully converted.

original model  1                                   converted model 1

original model  2                                   converted model 2

heterodimer original                               heterodimer converted

dissociation original                                  dissocation converted

truncation original                                  truncation converted

combined original                                                      combined converted

For next week, I will be working on reactions with bending lines, reactions with modifiers, bezier lines and complexes.  And I am hoping to complete the conversion from CellDesigner annotation to SBML Layout  before the midterm evaluation.

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