Tuesday, June 28, 2016

First week for converting Layout to CellDesigner Annotation

Hello all,

Last week, I  have mentioned that there are still few attributes in the CellDesigner annotation to be converted. Before working the conversion for the other direction, I have implemented the conversions for links and bezier curves.

As for the conversion of SBML Layout to CellDesigner Annotation,  I have been working on the APIs for SBML objects such as Species and for inputs/outputs. The basic algorithm for the conversions with be as follow.

  1. Read model with JSBML
  2. Downgrade 1. to Level 2 Version 4
  3. Unmarshal 2. as string
  4. From 1. convert the Layout attributes to 3.
So far, I have created the basic algorithms above and have created model with empty CellDesigner annotation. Below are the progress I have made so far. For next week, I will be starting on converting each type of glyphs.

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