Thursday, May 19, 2016

Meeting May 18

Hello all,

As I have mentioned in the previous blog post, my mentors and I needed to figure out a way to create a API for CellDesigner annotation using 3 schema files (CellDesigner.xsd, sbmlCellDesignerExtension_v2_5.xsd, and sbml-level-2-v1.xsd). In yesterday's meeting, we have come up with 3 ideas.

  • remove the definition of annotation in the sbml-level-2-v1.xsd to remove the conflicts with other schema. (Thanks to Dr. Keating and Dr. Bergmann)
  • create a schema file from CellDesigner classes
  • use CellDesignerAnnotationParser which manually parses CellDesigner annotation
For this week, I will be working on the first plan and leave the two other options as a backup plan.  I will start by  familiarizing myself to XML schema and hopefully solve this schema problem by next week.

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